April 12, 2020

Why collect Pokémon cards; how to start?

Collecting Pokémon cards has different reasons. There are however many reasons for different people and one of the main reasons being that it can increase in value. Having said that, collecting is really fun, but you need to know where to start. Though the regular cards will have some sort of value, if you can get your hands on a rare one, the value of your deck can go high. Some of these cards are sold for as far as $200,000, but first things first. The first step is to get the cards.


Collecting Pokémon cards is fun and a cool thing to do but with a little bit of the presence of mind, you can save yourself a lot of trouble. The initial step is to get the cards. Though you can get the cards from any departmental store the best advice is to get them online. Compared to departmental stores, online cards can be a lot cheaper. Given the availability of various types of cards, you get to choose a lot. Cards available on eBay are a lot cheaper than what you will get in your regular departmental store.


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Storage is very important when dealing with cards. The wrong type of storage will end up losing your cards. You need to make sure that when you store your cards, you are storing them in a controlled environment. A little change in the atmosphere can cause various problems in the cards like fading pf color etc. You don’t want to end up losing a valuable card to a simple mistake. This is a very crucial step that you can take to ensure the sustainability of your cards. The next step is to build your deck.


The main difference between Lootboxes and Trading cards is that you get to choose in trading cards as you build up your deck while as in Lootboxes, you don’t know what you are buying. They are undisclosed. You have to understand one thing about the Deck is that the more cards you have in the deck, the better. However, it’s not easy to get your hands on a rare card but if you get a hold of one, the value of your deck will skyrocket. Some of them sell for more than $50,000. The first thing to keep in mention is how you develop your Deck.

Fake and Shadowless:

You need to be sure about the cards you are buying. Though the cases of a fake are rare but always make sure the authenticity of the cards. Furthermore, emphasize on the need of collecting Shadowless cards. They are high in value.


Pokémon cards can go up in value but when we talk about shadowless cards, they are the most sought after. Compare to online stores, departmental stores are really expensive and the best advice is to avoid them. Cards available on eBay are much cheaper and highly reliable if you buy it from a verified buyer.

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