January 17, 2021

Is Pokémon card collecting a gamble?

To come to any conclusion, one has to weigh both sides and understand how everything works out. Pokémon cards are fun, recreational, and the most entertaining thing that you can get out of cards. The game adds more to our experience of playing cards and even though gambling may use the cards, but there’s a striking difference between the two.


The central part of any kind of gambling is money and whether that be betting on sports or wagering on a slot, it is impossible without the money. However, the act of gambling comes into the picture when you put in the money in a bid to gain more out of it. In nutshell, it’s the activity of wagering the money, defeating a system or an opponent that is trying to overpower you and make your way up to the top. The primary purpose of the game is to make profits. Even though gambling is legal in many countries especially in the European ones, it still has a lot to achieve in the Asian co8ntries. The whole process involves a payment, and a chance to receive a prize. Anything that constitutes all of it can be called gambling.

Pokémon card collecting:

Card collecting is an art. You don’t all of a sudden start it, you develop, decide, understand, and take your time to scan the market. Over time, Pokémon cards are integrated into pop culture and with every passing month, they are rising to new heights. They are the trading cards, you can battle, or make a deck by simply buying the cards. However, in matters of gambling, it doesn’t fall in the category. You are indulged in a fun way of collecting cards, playing against the opponents, but there is no chance to win the money or wagering of any amount to gain something out of it.

So, what’s it exactly?

This depends on om person to person where one can define it as an investment and another as a tool of entertainment. In simple terms, you’re investing in the future like the stocks where you buy in hope and expectation that the prices will go up. In the same way, when you buy the cards, you are building the deck, making it stronger, and adding value to it. Every card has an attached value, a price that all of us agree on, and in this way, you are investing. In addition to that, most of the countries don’t consider it gambling, and the rules that govern it are lenient. Furthermore, most of the cases in this regard are scrapped in countries where they are brought to the fore creating a decent space for the card collecting to continue.


Pokémon card collecting is not just fun, it adds more value to your belonging. Many of the cards have sold for tens of thousands of dollars. Children may collect it for various reasons, for the fun of playing or the expectation of value, but at the end of the day, it does offer an opportunity to make a lot, just in case one’s luck turns out.

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