May 13, 2020

Loot Boxes Vs Trading Cards

There is a varying difference between Loot boxes and trading cards. They are not the same but a lot different from each other. Though loot boxes do resemble Trading cards from the outside and a customer can buy any set of cards, but the items won’t be the same. However, the central idea can be the same but as the application, these are entirely two different things. One thing about Loot boxes is that you always get something in return but with trading cards, it something of value. Furthermore, there are some central differences between the two.

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What are the loot boxes?

Lootboxes are undisclosed chests in games. They can include skins and other gaming requirements. Do they constitute gambling? Not in a literal sense as the gamer can play the game without buying a single loot box while Trading cards are collectibles and contain a certain kind of value attached to them. This price can vary a lot and if you have a rare card, you can sell it for a hefty price.

Loot boxes, have been defined as: “microtransactions offering randomized or partially randomized rewards to players”. Loot boxes can be purchased using real or in-game currency. And as we all know – in-game currencies can also be bought for real money. Also, loot boxes were (and still are) being traded in forums for very high prices, and many of the buyers and sellers are minors.

Recently many countries want to ban loot boxes because it considers it gambling and could encourage people to take the step over to the traditional online casinos and sportsbooks. Belgium and the Netherlands  declared the business model illegal in April 2018.


Players can buy cards once they know what they are looking for. This can include seasonal cards that come for a certain period while the loot boxes are purchased in the game. Cards can be bought from retail shops also although they are expensive there, the option of going there is always open. This can be seen as a major difference. The exclusivity in the buying is open.


One of the major differences between Lootboxes and Trading cards is that the player gets to decide. Once the players start to develop his deck, he can decide what cards fit in the deck the most or what cards are required. This option is non-existent in Lootboxes as the player gets an undisclosed box that can have anything.

Appearance and outcome:

Lootboxes resemble a lot with the trading cards but as far as things are concerned, it’s nowhere near to the trading cards. Given the amount of uncertainty it involves; it needs a lot of time to even resemble close to trading cards. The most popular arguments are that Lootboxes give you something in return, but the return things matter. As far as Trading cards are concerned, you will get something valuable in return, but in Lootboxes, this can be even Trash. However, the trading can be beneficial. With no hopes of knowing what’s inside, Lootboxes is not a fair choice against Trading cards, but it may gradually improvise as the demands and needs of the players are increasing.


In comparison with Trading cards, Lootboxes have a lot to achieve. They are undisclosed boxes that give us no chance of knowing anything. The Trading card companies have understood that people will not pay if they don’t know what they are paying for. From a monetary standpoint, Lootboxes are less approachable than Trading cards. The price of Trading Cards can get very higher and not only that but also you will get something valuable in return every time.


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