May 6, 2020

Pokémon Card collecting a beginners guide

Pokémon card collecting has its fun. People collect cards not just for fun but for the value it will bring. Many of the rare cards that started in the past have brought hefty amounts to their owners. This has led to a new quest to find rare cards. However, when it comes to collecting Pokémon cards, they have a reputation in Trading cards. They not only are valuable, but also are cool, and fun to have, but the question arises when, how, and what to do? Things can get a little confusing when starting from scratch.


When it comes to buying cards, this is the main step. Though the cards can be bought from almost every departmental store, online ones are the best choice as the departmental stores can be expensive, and also you will get to reach out to a wide variety of cards. Packs on eBay cost lesser than the Stores and there are also cheaper costs of postage, but if you are interested in old cards or second-hand ones, you should check the social media pages like the ones on Facebook and Twitter.


Storing Cards and Fakes

The next step is to know how to store cards. They must be stored in a place that has a controlled environment. A little change in the temperature can lead to color fading and that’s where things get nasty. Furthermore, you must look out for fake ones while buying cards.


Beginning in anything is always confusing and complex. You get confusing and you don’t know where to start form. Well, you can start from the base set of Pokémon. The Base set was released in 1999 which has 102 and 16 out of them are Hols. Then comes the question of building your deck with other cards that are high of a value. Compared to Lootboxes, Trading cards give you the option of choosing how to build up your game. The rare cards you find will give you a valuable sum and many of them are very high in price.

Shadowless cards

Shadowless cards are error cards. These cards miss shadow on images and have become rare and valuable. If you can get your hands on one of these, the value of your deck can skyrocket. You can also add graded cards like PSA and Beckett. These are hard to find, but a one or two in the mix will add value to the deck.

Shadowless cards

Jungle Set:

It is one of the cheapest ways for a beginner to start developing his Deck. With 64 cards (16 holos), it becomes much easier to complete than the Base set. Likewise, the 62 card Fossil Set of 1999, is also a beginner collector and a preferable choice of beginners.


The basics of Pokémon collecting is simple. Know what you are collecting and know how you will do it. The next comes its storage that should be given equal importance as it may lead to drastic impacts on the collection.

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