June 1, 2020

How Loot Boxes Don’t Resemble Trading Cards

Loot boxes are excellent gaming choices involved in online games and missions. They’re the digital bags that are either purchased with real cash or virtual money, to increase the sensitivity and the dimension to the game. Whereas, trading cards are small paper or thick paper cards that are famous among children and peers. They usually contain information on them, with pictures of famous personalities, cartoon characters, and animes, which are often traded among friends or one another. Do you see how they’re entirely different? Please stick with us to know more about loot bags and trading cards that do not resemble them.

Loot Boxes

They’re virtual bags or boxes that are seen in virtual video games, that tend to make the gaming experience more interesting and increase the difficulty level.
They were invented and brought to market from 2004 to 2007 and has become a common aspect of the game, now.
Loot boxes add to the increase in income for gaming companies and game manufacturers.
Although they’re known to increase and excite the players about the gameplay, they’re also accompanied by downsides like addictive behaviors and people spending a lot of money to complete their missions and tasks fast.
More often than not, they fall under the gambling umbrella, where people pay to gain something
For instance, if you’re playing call of duty and you need a new outfit only to switch up the game a bit, then there are loot boxes in the settings option. You can unlock the box with coin (if you do not have enough coins, you can buy them with real money), or you can make payment directly which goes to the company that created the game.

Trading cards

They’re also called the collecting cards. They’re mainly practiced among the peers who are in for a little recreation.
They are physical cards that you can touch and feel, but not the virtual ones.
The cards sometimes contain information on them, regarding cartoons, anime, and other necessary and entertaining information. -They’re used by the younger generation to trade with one another.
They’re not about money. These games are introduced for fun and leisure, and they do not fall under the roof of gambling.


trading cards

Loot boxes and trading cards are nowhere close to similar. Although the agenda of both are the same, that is , not to reveal the outcome unless you purchase or game is finished, there is a 1000mile difference between the two of them. Loot cards manage to hype the player and keep the suspense rate by up leaving it to the payers to guess what’s inside. However, in loot boxes, the surprise is only for some time. Cards like Pokémon have gained immense popularity in the game of trading cards and are continued among their peers. Loot boxes, on the other hand, are popular even among the old’s as they add extravagant and exciting features to the game.

Loot Boxes
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