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The worth of rarest Pokémon cards

Ever since the inception of the Pokémon cards franchise, they have been on top of the collectibles. Apart from the gaming purposes, the cards contain a value. The rarer the card is, the higher the value is.

Championship Arena Card:

Having received a prize in 2005, the current market value of the card is $499, however, the value can be higher depending on the collector and the fluctuation in the prices.

First Edition Mewtwo Card:

Shadowless cards are valuable and if you have one of them in your possession, don’t let go. In the same category is the shadowless Holographic Mewtwo card. The value can be more than $1500.  In addition to that, in the same category is the shadowless card Holographic Blastoise card that also has the same rate.

Gold Star Espeoin card:

With a unique appearance that makes it stand out, Gold Star Espeoin card sells for $3500. Furthermore, Shining Charizard has the same price in the market and both of the cards are popular.

Pikachu – Expedition Card

Nothing can take the place of good old Pikachu; the adorable card has a market value of $5,999. A little higher than the Pikachu has been placed Venusar at $6500. The card makes it to the shadowless category. Besides that, the Black Triangle Error Box comes with a box that’s sealed, and just like that, the box is valued at $8700.

Master Key prize card:

It is a feeling to have one of the rarest cards on the planet; it’s something g that can’t be defined. With only 34 of these cards, the price of one card is $8799.

Computer Error:

Kamex Mega Battle Card is one of the most popular and expensive cards in Pokemon. It can be roughly valued at $9,999. In the same category, the Tropical Wind card is priced the same.

No. 3 Trainer Promo Card:

Being one of the rarest has its perks and one of that is that it is valued at a higher price. The card is priced at $32,499. Apart from that, Tropical Mega Battle no 2 Trainer Card is valued at $60,000 which throws it in the top line.

Pikachu Illustrator Card:

Valued at $100,000, Pikachu is expensive and popular. Considered to be the 4th expensive card, it is one such card that will empower your whole deck. In addition to that, there is Kangaskhan that has been valued at $133,000. Also, the No.2 Trainer Promo card is $200,000.

Prerelease Raichu:

The unique thing about this card is that it’s so rare that the price is unknown but one can predict in the market that a rare commodity gets the best of the price.


Even though there are a lot of cards that you can get your hands on, you must make sure that you know which ones to look for. Though the process is tiring, a little thought in the decisions will reap results that will never disappoint you. Else, cards are for fun, they will rise in value and entertainment at the same time.

What parents need to know about Pokemon?

As an adult one may not know a lot of things that might be common to one age group and even though pokemon is well-known among adults, not everybody would be aware of the game. However, it becomes very important that you are exposed to the insights into how it works before your kids ask about it. Though kids are a good start to learn about, you must use your won knowledge to be part of your child’s journey.

What is Pokemon?

Pokemon is a name that dominates animation since the time of its beginning. It has a TV show, an animated series, toys, video games, and card games. Over the two decades, it has carved such a space in the entertainment industry that it has become synonymous with animation. The initial task is to catch all of the pokemon in the game.

Pokemon cards:

These are the cards with Pokémon characters on them. The first thing that needs to be kept in mention is that each card will have a value attached to it that can be employed in a battle against the others. Now that your kids have started to show interest in the game and what best can there be than to be involved in the game that can help in strengthening the bond between you two. As your children start collecting the cards, he may do so to collect the cards just for the fun of it or to indulge in the battle against the opponents. The task is to build a deck that is of sixty cards, but you have to make sure that the values make the decks stronger than the rest. There is no dearth of cards and they are released every time, so you won’t have any problem getting them, but the rare ones are hard.

Types of cards:

There are three types of cards that you will have to use – Character cards, Energy cards, and trainer cards.

Character cards;

This is the card that will have a type; whether that is evolved, advanced, or just the basic. There can be some pokemon that can’t evolve or many are advanced, say legendary. In addition to that, there are energy cards, and no matter what kind of deck you have, you will need them and they will be with the pack you buy. Trainer cards are used during the battle. The rules are mentioned on them.

How to tell the rarity of the card?

Getting your hands on a rare card is nop walk in the park, but once you get that, you must know who to identify it. There are however symbols that indicate a card. For instance, a circle on the card means it’s common, a diamond is a symbol for uncommon and a star for rarity.


Knowing a game before you try with your kid or friend or anyone is the best thing to do. It helps you to bond, share and experience a time that can’t be replicated.

What do you need to know about Pokémon cards?

In today’s age, information travels so fast that it reaches the other corner of the world in a fraction of seconds. Now that you might’ve come across Pokémon whether through the TV or your friends, it might get confusing, not to know but how to start. So, you must understand the value of research, and upon knowing g the nuances of the game that are at play, you can proceed ahead.

What is Pokémon?

Pokémon has been around in one or another form for the last twenty years, however, recently the aggressive promotion and marketing of the brand have given it a space in the pop culture. It exists as a game, a franchise, toys and school bags, animation and anime, Series, and yes, playing cards. With such a line of products to its name, it becomes obvious that it must be exciting to know about it. Leaving part all the lines, the cards are simple yet enticing. The task is to catch the character in the game known as the Pokémon.

The cards:

The task of collecting cards and developing the decks depends on your knowledge of the game. The initial is to make sure that you know what character is needed and how to make the deck stronger. Now that you might not be interested in that and you probably wanted just to play, but the stronger you’re, the better your game is. So, the step is to just to make a deck but to build it wisely. Each card has a value attached to it that can be used against other opponents in the battle and while making the deck, one must keep in mind.

The types of Pokémon cards:

There are three major types of cards that dominate the whole game and no matter what kind of deck you have; you will need these three types. These are – Character cards, Energy cards, and Trainer cards.

Character cards:

These are the basic cards that give out the primary information about the character of the card, whether that is an evolved Pokémon, or a basic or in any of its stages. Besides that, there are also Pokémon that is powerful than the rest and need no advances. They are stronger and require no evolution.

Energy cards:

Depending on the Pokémon, the energy cards provide you the energy, and no matter the deck, you will always find them in your deck. Besides that, the trainer cards will be required in the battle.


Pokémon cards can value at a higher price if you happen to have a rare card. There are indicators on the card to see the features. If you see a circle on the card, it means it is common, if there’s a diamond, then it’s uncommon and if there’s a star, you are in luck and the card is rare.


Pokémon has managed space for itself in the gaming world and even though, after the video game era, it continues to be a favorite. This only predicts about the future space of the card games.

Why collect Pokémon cards?

People collect cards for different reasons, some will do it just because they like to, others for the fun of battling, and many for the value. When it comes to the pokemon cards, there is a certain value attached to them. Compared to normal cards, where you are to put the money in the game, here, when you buy the cards, you are investing in them and they can be sold to collectors at very high prices. It is similar to stock where you buy a unit and when the prices go up, you sell them. If you are lucky, then your card can turn out to be a rare one where the price can exceed even a million.

The fun of playing:

For many of the people who collect cards, it’s more of a habit that allows them to invest their time in something. The enticing feature that is attributed to collecting cards of pokemon can be compared with nothing else. It’s not just the value, but the effort and excitement that one gains to have found a rare card is something that can’t be compared.


There is no dearth of cards to play, but the fun of exclusivity can’t be taken away. Even though the market is full of playing cards, the value system that is attached to the pokemon cards makes them stand out from the rest of the card games. The prices keep increasing and if you are looking at a rare card, then you can only predict. Some cards are so rare that the only mention of them is there and it’s hard to ascertain their prices.

Getting the cards:
There is no need to rush in the game, but one should take every decision with caution and understand what lies ahead. There are two ways through which you can get the cards – departmental store and online. The latter is much preferred as you have an access to a huge variety of cards and they are cheaper than the former. The most popular among the websites is eBay where you can even find cheaper transportation. In the case of storage, you need to be very careful and ensure that the storage of the cards is done properly. A bad step can mean the destruction of the cards. You don’t want to ruin the cards, so make sure that they are stored in a place where there is no threat of exposure. As much as it’s important to build a strong deck, it’s also necessary to be careful about the storage. In addition to that, take your time in buying the cards, and scan everything before you pay. Also, keep in mind that the shadowless cards are high in value.


Online is the best way to buy pokemon cards, however, one has to be careful when building a deck. Research, patience, and the right step are what is needed. Besides that, the need to have fun and be at ease should never be ignored.

Beginners guide to Pokemon card collecting

Cards are the most fun game on the planet that has kept the players on their toes since the beginning of their history. There are various mixed opinions about the origin of the game, but as far as its variants are concerned, there are many. Pokemon cards take the game to a next level and with the addition of the value system that is attributed to every card, the fun doubles up. The task is to make a powerful deck, by purchase, battle, or challenging the opponents. However, personal preferences matter from person to person.

What is Pokemon card collecting?

People get attracted to card collecting for various reasons, it can be for the fun of battling against the opponents or to have a valuable deck. The purpose is to make a powerful deck of 60 cards, tough and strong, they can be used against the competitors to win them over, but one may also collect them just for the value.

Why collect them?

There is fun in hunting, you try to find, scan the market for the best card, and research about various others. As mentioned earlier, some may collect the cards for the fun, others for the value, but at the end of the day, a powerful deck will never disappoint you. The value of the deck depends on a lot of things such as values, categories, and sets. In addition to that, you can get the regular cards at a nominal price but at the same time, if you get your hands on a rare one, the doors of luck open for you as they can be really valuable.

Is it worth it?

This shouldn’t be a question coming from a card player, but if you’re new and have confusion, then it should be kept in mind that pokemon in cards is pure business where players, not just battle, but gather rare cards to sell. The profit can be in thousands and thousands of dollars. In case of a long-term investment, the cards are really valuable. When in the 1990s the card gaming was making its inroads, it allowed many of the players to invest and the same cards that were available more often in the 90s market are now rare. The demand has increased which has given birth to the value. According to various reports, Pokemon has generated a revenue of $10 billion since 1996. However, selling too soon can be a bad decision as it will not reap the best decisions. In addition to that, you need to be careful while buying the cards; check the year of the card at the bottom, know the set of the card and you must be well-aware of how to identify the card.


Pokemon card collection is the coolest thing that you can have, but it is also a wise investment. The collectors are looking for the rarest ones, the best and one can capitalize on any card that has a high demand. The long-term investment pays well, and in the case of Pokemon cards, the values can be as high as $200,000.

Is Pokémon card collecting a gamble?

To come to any conclusion, one has to weigh both sides and understand how everything works out. Pokémon cards are fun, recreational, and the most entertaining thing that you can get out of cards. The game adds more to our experience of playing cards and even though gambling may use the cards, but there’s a striking difference between the two.


The central part of any kind of gambling is money and whether that be betting on sports or wagering on a slot, it is impossible without the money. However, the act of gambling comes into the picture when you put in the money in a bid to gain more out of it. In nutshell, it’s the activity of wagering the money, defeating a system or an opponent that is trying to overpower you and make your way up to the top. The primary purpose of the game is to make profits. Even though gambling is legal in many countries especially in the European ones, it still has a lot to achieve in the Asian co8ntries. The whole process involves a payment, and a chance to receive a prize. Anything that constitutes all of it can be called gambling.

Pokémon card collecting:

Card collecting is an art. You don’t all of a sudden start it, you develop, decide, understand, and take your time to scan the market. Over time, Pokémon cards are integrated into pop culture and with every passing month, they are rising to new heights. They are the trading cards, you can battle, or make a deck by simply buying the cards. However, in matters of gambling, it doesn’t fall in the category. You are indulged in a fun way of collecting cards, playing against the opponents, but there is no chance to win the money or wagering of any amount to gain something out of it.

So, what’s it exactly?

This depends on om person to person where one can define it as an investment and another as a tool of entertainment. In simple terms, you’re investing in the future like the stocks where you buy in hope and expectation that the prices will go up. In the same way, when you buy the cards, you are building the deck, making it stronger, and adding value to it. Every card has an attached value, a price that all of us agree on, and in this way, you are investing. In addition to that, most of the countries don’t consider it gambling, and the rules that govern it are lenient. Furthermore, most of the cases in this regard are scrapped in countries where they are brought to the fore creating a decent space for the card collecting to continue.


Pokémon card collecting is not just fun, it adds more value to your belonging. Many of the cards have sold for tens of thousands of dollars. Children may collect it for various reasons, for the fun of playing or the expectation of value, but at the end of the day, it does offer an opportunity to make a lot, just in case one’s luck turns out.

Best pokemon cards to collect

The trouble of exclusion and inclusion of particular cards is something that anyone with deck-building enthusiasm will understand. It becomes really hard to make the decision of cards and build the deck. As the cards pop up, any small step in the overall game can change the life upside down, given that the values of Pokemon cards can rise extremely high. In addition to this, some cards are of a special category when you are considering – it can be because of your personal preference or the value that can arise. However, you can always take the fun part into account.

  1. Shaymin EX:

The card was the most popular in the prime of Pokemon, especially in the 1990s when the world was catching up with the concept. It was the prized property of the beginners and the experts. With time, Shaymin is the most looked after card in the pokemon market and the prices on eBay are just rising. The valuation gives it a unique place among the most valued cards in history.

  1. Surfing Pikachu

The unique art on the card, the good-old Pikachu, and the market demands made the surfing Pikachu golden dust of the market. In addition to that, the rare appearance of the Pikachu on a board and the adorable face of the illustration makes it the best piece to be added to the card collection. For a collector, Pikachu itself is synonymous with pokemon.

  1. Charizard GX

Charizard is a unique set of cards, the graphics are full, and the art is something that you don’t want to miss. The card offers rainbow colors that are irreplaceable and add a beautiful feature to your deck. Surely, the card in the deck will be a sight.

  1. Lysandre’s Trump Card

You might recognize the card from your video game, however, if you don’t, there’s always a first time. Lysandre is a card that is so popular which adds to the value of the whole deck. It gives the trainer sweeping powers. Having been banned from the Pokemon TCG once, the card is a powerful feature that shuffles your cards back into the deck, even if discarded.

  1. Pikachu:

Radiant Collection’s Full Art cards have something that could never be replaced. The graphics are cool and adorable that gives it an edge against the other set of colors. They are designed in such a way that they are set apart from the other cards and distinguished in a better way. This has made it more popular with the players.

  1. N

N is a popular card among collectors and players. The player can get the discarded card back in the deck, and even when the odds are not fair, you have a decent opportunity.


Building a deck is the most important and hardest part to do. You have to consider, research, and compare, but at the same time, it makes the best of the moment.

Facts about Pokemon Trading cards

Cards have a long history, but every variant of them is different. There are mixed opinions about its origin, but let’s concentrate on the most important part – fun. Pokemon trading cards have made quite a space for themselves since their inception in the 1990s, and given that the initiative was a rocky path, the game transformed a lot after that. There are however cards that you must look after, and even though they are hard to find, if you get one of them in your hands, the deck and the value of it can touch overwhelming heights.

Is it your birthday, Pikachu?

When it comes to pokemon games, whether that be video games or cards, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is Pikachu. The adorable, cute character is well-known, however, the little known fact about Pikachu is that it comes in handy on your birthday. Enter Happy Birthday Pikachu card which can increase your attack power, just on your birthday.

The rarest valuable:

{okemons cards are valuable and disregarding the fact that you might be buying them for fun, but a rare piece in your hand can sell for thousands. One of the such is the CoroCoro Best Photo Contest, where its readers were requested to share their favorite. The result was the rarest cards. In addition to that, you will have to hunt, scan the cards and make a run for the best selection. This is tiresome but at the end of the day worth the try.

How to tell if that’s rare:

The Circle is a common occurrence, however, if you get a Diamond, it’s rare, but nothing can beat the Star, which has more value. Besides that, White Star is a good keep. The Raichu Card are less in number, there are only ten copies of it. For identification, it has “Prerelease” written at the bottom.

Pikachu Mosaic:

Art is an expression; a feeling that can’t be described in words and with such emotion in the heart, a UK collector made the biggest Pikachu Mosaic that consisted of 12,987 cards. It is 10 x 7 meters and was presented for the anniversary of Pokemon in 2016.

Charizard – the first edition:

When the cards were just playing out in the market, Charizard became the most sought after and it continues to remain on the top of the game. Just to make a point on the value, a diamond Charizard can get you £10,000 in an action.

Pikachu Illustrator TCG card:

The uniqueness of this card is that it adds new features to the already known characters. Nobody imagines a drawing Pikachu, but the card has the illustrator. There are only thirty-nine Pikachu Illustrators and they are a sight in an auction where the collectors offer higher prices.


Collecting or battling the cards is an easy and fun process. The knowledge and research into the cards will let you about how to do it and what to look for.

How to collect Pokemon cards?

Card collecting has been part of the games for a long time and it has allowed people an escape from their busy lives. There can be various reasons for collecting cards, some collect them for collection, but there are some who are into them for value. In the case of the pokemon cards, the task is clear, get the rarest cards, and capitalize on them. Many of the cards have brought thousands of dollars to their owners and it’s no big deal. They are valuable, pricey, fun, and add a new genre to the old game of cards.


The first and foremost step is to get the cards so that you can develop a deck. Even though there are a lot of platforms where you can buy cards, but the internet is the best one available to you. The reason for it being the most preferred is that you can get wide access to a variety of cards that will not be available in a departmental store. However, the cards bought in the store are expensive also. In addition to that, if you’re buying the cards from an online platform, the postal charges are also less. Furthermore, the storing of the cards can be a real hassle keeping in mind that a single change in the weather can mean the fading of the colors. Thi scan results in losing the value. However, you must be aware of the conditions that can affect and at the same time ensure the storage in a controlled environment. Besides that, keep your eyes open for the spoof cards that make their way in the market.


The building of the deck can be a complicated process and when you don’t know anything about the thing, it can escalate quickly. To put all things in perspective, you must understand the values attached to different cards and the best is to start it from the base deck of 1999. It has 102 cards. The Pokemon card collecting gives you the autonomy of building your deck, adding strength, and completing the process. All you need to look out for are the rare cards that can intensify the value of the cards in the deck.

Shadowless cards:

These are the most valuable cards in the game. In other words, they are error cards; the result of a factory malfunction. The missing shadows add to the value and they are the most sought cards that collectors are looking for. Even though they are difficult to find, but one or two in the deck, will add to the overall power of the game.

There are basic rules to everything and pokemon card collecting has its own. With proper research and knowledge about the value of cards, the fun doubles and the excitement is on the next level. Looking for a rare card can be a hard task, but websites like eBay can be a savior. In addition to that, the cards are entertaining and it would be an injustice if you couldn’t have fun.

pokemon game corner late 90s version

Gambling in Pokémon Games

Pokémon may not feel like a game where you would expect to see slot machines. Still, the Game Corner has been a part of the Pokémon universe since the first GameBoy versions of the franchise were released back in the mid-90s.

pokemon game corner

How the Game Corner Works

The Games Corner generally comes later in the game, in one of the large cities and is a place where players can bet ‘coins’ as an alternative unit of in-game currency that can be swapped for the main unit of in-game currency in the Game Corner itself. Once players have these coins, they can bet them on various in-game slot machines and other typical casino games.

The Games in Pokémon

Like real-world online casinos, the majority of gaming action in the Game Corner took place on slot machines. There were generally dozens of these in each Game Corner, and all of them featured the same basic game. In order to start playing on one of them, the player had to find a vacant machine. Some machines were occupied by non-playable characters who the player could talk to. In later games, Nintendo began to include some warnings about the problems that gambling could cause in the games by triggering the non-playable characters to explain that they had lost significant amounts of money while playing on the slot machines.

The slot machine game is a typical one-armed bandit with three spinning wheels. Instead of the traditional lemon, bar, and other fruit symbols that are commonplace on real-world slot machines, the icons are replaced with Pokémon, Poké Balls, and other related items. A little like the lemon item, which generally delivers a low pay-out or no pay-out at all on real-world slot machines, a Magikarp figure featured in some of the early versions of the game which did not trigger a pay-out.

The other game which featured in some editions of the game was card flip. This essentially worked like roulette, and 24 cards featuring Pokémon would be placed face down on the table. Players were then able to bet on which Pokémon would be revealed when they were turned face up. Like roulette, players could bet on the individual card that would be revealed or on a column, which gave them more chance of winning but a lower overall prize.

The Chances of Winning

Like in a real-world casino, players using the Game Corner had the opportunity to win very significant prizes (some of which were not obtainable in any other part of the game). However, a player doing averagely well would lose more money to the Game Corner than they put in. The Game Corner is, overall, a relatively realistic portrayal of gambling from this point of view. Obviously, no real money is at stake when players are using the facility, and losing money in the Game Corner does have the potential to make it significantly more difficult for players to progress further in the game.

pokemon game corner slot screen

Prizes in the Game Corner

Coins can be exchanged for Pokémon, which are otherwise tricky to catch in the game. Players who want the prizes but do not want to participate in the games run by the Game Corner have the option of simply buying the coins required to obtain the reward they are interested in. While this option defeats the playing aspect of the Game Corner, it is probably the easiest way to unlock some of the items contained within.

Some Game Corners also contain vending machines that sell items that give extra health to Pokémon. These are purchased by using real money and are not directly related to the gambling aspect of the Game Corner.

The End of the Game Corner

Video game rating agencies around the world started to crack down on in-game gambling towards the end of the 2000s as part of a more generalized push against adult content being presented to children. While the Game Corner had been a key part of most Pokémon games up to this point, Nintendo and Game Freak, the companies behind the game, decided that the loss of Pokémon’s child-friendly status was not a hit that was worth taking in order to keep the popular Game Corner in the game. For this reason, from the fourth generation of Pokémon Games (Diamond and Pearl), the Game Corner no longer featured. The facility has also been removed from remakes of earlier games such as Ruby and Sapphire. This has marked the end of an era in Pokémon history.


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