October 15, 2021

The worth of rarest Pokémon cards

Ever since the inception of the Pokémon cards franchise, they have been on top of the collectibles. Apart from the gaming purposes, the cards contain a value. The rarer the card is, the higher the value is.

Championship Arena Card:

Having received a prize in 2005, the current market value of the card is $499, however, the value can be higher depending on the collector and the fluctuation in the prices.

First Edition Mewtwo Card:

Shadowless cards are valuable and if you have one of them in your possession, don’t let go. In the same category is the shadowless Holographic Mewtwo card. The value can be more than $1500.  In addition to that, in the same category is the shadowless card Holographic Blastoise card that also has the same rate.

Gold Star Espeoin card:

With a unique appearance that makes it stand out, Gold Star Espeoin card sells for $3500. Furthermore, Shining Charizard has the same price in the market and both of the cards are popular.

Pikachu – Expedition Card

Nothing can take the place of good old Pikachu; the adorable card has a market value of $5,999. A little higher than the Pikachu has been placed Venusar at $6500. The card makes it to the shadowless category. Besides that, the Black Triangle Error Box comes with a box that’s sealed, and just like that, the box is valued at $8700.

Master Key prize card:

It is a feeling to have one of the rarest cards on the planet; it’s something g that can’t be defined. With only 34 of these cards, the price of one card is $8799.

Computer Error:

Kamex Mega Battle Card is one of the most popular and expensive cards in Pokemon. It can be roughly valued at $9,999. In the same category, the Tropical Wind card is priced the same.

No. 3 Trainer Promo Card:

Being one of the rarest has its perks and one of that is that it is valued at a higher price. The card is priced at $32,499. Apart from that, Tropical Mega Battle no 2 Trainer Card is valued at $60,000 which throws it in the top line.

Pikachu Illustrator Card:

Valued at $100,000, Pikachu is expensive and popular. Considered to be the 4th expensive card, it is one such card that will empower your whole deck. In addition to that, there is Kangaskhan that has been valued at $133,000. Also, the No.2 Trainer Promo card is $200,000.

Prerelease Raichu:

The unique thing about this card is that it’s so rare that the price is unknown but one can predict in the market that a rare commodity gets the best of the price.


Even though there are a lot of cards that you can get your hands on, you must make sure that you know which ones to look for. Though the process is tiring, a little thought in the decisions will reap results that will never disappoint you. Else, cards are for fun, they will rise in value and entertainment at the same time.

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