April 9, 2022

Pokémon Card collecting a beginner’s guide

People have been collecting cards for various reasons and it’s not just the pokemon cards, but all sorts and kinds. In the past, there have been different kinds of trump cards; however, the reasons matter where some do it for the fun of collecting others make the deck in an anticipation of the value. The game for the rare cards has forced the collectors to go to great lengths. In pokemon, collecting and battling are two different things where one means to collect the cards and the other is to play.


Buying pokemon cards can be complicated if one isn’t aware of the location and which one to buy as there are a lot of cards to choose from. There are generally two ways of buying the cards – the departmental stores and the online. The former is expensive in addition to the non-availability of various cards. Having said that, in various places, the stores won’t even have the cards, so the safest is the online method where you have an access to a huge variety of cards. On websites like eBay, there are fresh as well as second-hand cards in addition to the rare ones if you’re lucky.


The unhealthy storage means the ruining of the cards and a big loss. So, you must understand the importance of storage and know-how to deal with them. As a result of the wrong practice, the color of the card can fade due to humidity and if you’re intending to keep them for a long time, or they are delicate, they must be stored in a controlled space. In addition to that, you must research enough so that you can tell the difference between the genuine and the fabricated card.

Set up:

The initial of any game is complicated and you are hesitant about where to start from. In this case, it’s better to get it from the beginning. The base set of pokemon released in 1999 had 102 cards. The trading cards offer you the liberty to have the deck build up at your own pace – so that means there is no rush and you don’t need to hurry. The rarer the cards are, the higher the value of your decks is. Furthermore, in terms of the value, look for the error cards, or in other words, they’re the Shadowless cards. They don’t have a shadow, a simple factory error but they’re so rare that it has added to the value. Besides that, there are graded cards like PSA. Even though the cards are a find hard to achieve, but they can surely add to the value.

Before you jump in the game, know the nuances, research about the various kinds of cards, know the rare ones, the best ones and once you are well-aware of the cards, you can go ahead. They do not just add fun to the time, but if chosen correctly, you can add value to the deck. All you require is knowledge.

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