October 4, 2022

Most powerful cards to know about

The world of Pokémon is full of adventure, adorable characters, and an experience that can’t be replicated. Created by Satoshi Takira, the Pokémon took the gaming world by storm and even though the video games were in their prime, the uniqueness of the Pokémon cards had its space. In addition to that, the concept of the cards with the value attached to them in s style that is maintained by Pokémon was something new and this is what brought the kids to the game before it could entice the adults. Over the last two decades of its existence, it has created a lot of cards that are not just valuable but fun to play with.

Mega Tyranitar:

To make it complicated, it resembles a mythical beast, large and big, but it’s more similar to a dinosaur. The Destroyer King is the prime move of the character that has a 110-base damage.

Mega Rayquaza:

The character is allowed the mega evolution, though not created by it. It is a flying Pokémon that can cause damage of 300 by its Dragon Ascent move.

Shiny Mew:

Shiny Mew is a legendary character in the Pokémon world. Considered to be the most powerful or to do justice, one of the most powerful, Shiny Mew along with MewTwo and The Mew Duo is a remarkable Pokémon to have. It can monkey the moves, cause damage and ensure the elevated position in a battle.

Mega Blastoise:

It’s a water type Pokémon and evolves from Warturtle. With the damage of 120, the card is one of the strongest that you can get hands-on. However, not enough when compared to Mega Rayquaza, but the little contribution can be a lot of help sometimes.

Mega Gengar:

In the unique category is the poison Pokémon, Mega Gengar has a 220 HP and with the use of three energy cards, you can pick the moves of your opponent and use them against him. Evolving from Haunter, the card surely will be a sight in the deck.

Charizard (G):

Being one of the earliest cards that set the gaming world race, Charizard is a card that still holes that fan following. It is one of the rarest and most popular Pokémon cards. It’s a fire-type Pokémon, evolving from Charmeleon and has Level X and Y. Its Call for Power transfers the energy from the opposite card to yours, and the Malevolent Fire has the 150 damage.

Mega Venusaur:

With Gigantamax and Mega form, Mega Venusaur is a poison type giant having a 230 HP attack which can cause serious damage to the opponent.


Collecting Pokémon cards is no child’s play. To develop a deck, make the selection of cards and be on the top of the game is something that everybody will want. This requires determination, knowledge, and understanding of the games. However, one of the purposes of card games is also to have fun and no matter the value of the cards, entertainment is an experience that can’t be repeated.

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