June 13, 2020

How to Play the Pokemon Card Game

Pokemon is a unique idea and have made a success in TV series whether that be Anime or the movie franchise, the characters have left a huge impact in the market. Once considered odd, the cards have grown in spectacular popularity and with the addition of the rare cards, the game becomes more challenging. The fact that the cards have been dominating the market even though the video games are in place is self-evident that the impression pokemon has had on the market isn’t diminishing.

What is the Game About?

The game as the name states is all about pokemon. The power battle, the exquisite characters, and the chance to make a stronger deck are some of the features of playing. However, even though you can battle in the game, some of the collectors only do it for the fun of collecting and many of the pieces can sell for a really good price. Your task is to make a 60-deck card, stronger and more efficient where you are the trainer of each pokemon.

How do you win a battle?

Once that you’re familiar with the game, you can battle with the opponents. The rules of winning are simple; you win if the opponent runs out of cards, can’t withdraw a card, or doesn’t have any. IN that case, you won the battle and you take the cards of your opponent. In this case, you’re required and will use different cards as you play the game and you must use them to the best of your knowledge.

Pokémon Cards:

These are the most important cards in the deck as the power can be a real problem if they are absent. IN other words, they are the cards that make the power of the deck possible. In addition to that, the pokemon card’s action will also depend on the Energy Card that is placed with it.

Trainer Cards

The cards have meager use, but even a small drop of water is important when one is thirsty. Having said that, they support the player, can cause harm to the opponent in times of need, and are beneficial.

Playing the Battle

At the beginning of the battle, you are to flip the coin and the first player is determined by the results of that coin followed by the drawing of the cards. You have to draw seven cards on your own from the deck of cards, a pokemon card is face-down in the Pokemon zone. Just in case there is a lack of basic cards and you want to reshuffle, every player gets to draw an additional card. The game starts when the players put their cards face-up on the field.


The rules of playing pokemon are simple but yet they can appear to be complicated for the beginner. However, it’s good that you can practice the, with no hassle and you don’t have to worry about losing cards. It can be a fun exercise with your friends without putting the cards on the line and when you are ready – give it a go.

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