December 4, 2020

Best pokemon cards to collect

The trouble of exclusion and inclusion of particular cards is something that anyone with deck-building enthusiasm will understand. It becomes really hard to make the decision of cards and build the deck. As the cards pop up, any small step in the overall game can change the life upside down, given that the values of Pokemon cards can rise extremely high. In addition to this, some cards are of a special category when you are considering – it can be because of your personal preference or the value that can arise. However, you can always take the fun part into account.

  1. Shaymin EX:

The card was the most popular in the prime of Pokemon, especially in the 1990s when the world was catching up with the concept. It was the prized property of the beginners and the experts. With time, Shaymin is the most looked after card in the pokemon market and the prices on eBay are just rising. The valuation gives it a unique place among the most valued cards in history.

  1. Surfing Pikachu

The unique art on the card, the good-old Pikachu, and the market demands made the surfing Pikachu golden dust of the market. In addition to that, the rare appearance of the Pikachu on a board and the adorable face of the illustration makes it the best piece to be added to the card collection. For a collector, Pikachu itself is synonymous with pokemon.

  1. Charizard GX

Charizard is a unique set of cards, the graphics are full, and the art is something that you don’t want to miss. The card offers rainbow colors that are irreplaceable and add a beautiful feature to your deck. Surely, the card in the deck will be a sight.

  1. Lysandre’s Trump Card

You might recognize the card from your video game, however, if you don’t, there’s always a first time. Lysandre is a card that is so popular which adds to the value of the whole deck. It gives the trainer sweeping powers. Having been banned from the Pokemon TCG once, the card is a powerful feature that shuffles your cards back into the deck, even if discarded.

  1. Pikachu:

Radiant Collection’s Full Art cards have something that could never be replaced. The graphics are cool and adorable that gives it an edge against the other set of colors. They are designed in such a way that they are set apart from the other cards and distinguished in a better way. This has made it more popular with the players.

  1. N

N is a popular card among collectors and players. The player can get the discarded card back in the deck, and even when the odds are not fair, you have a decent opportunity.


Building a deck is the most important and hardest part to do. You have to consider, research, and compare, but at the same time, it makes the best of the moment.

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